Nittya Adhikary

Founder & CEO Profile’s

Baridhara Mohila Somobay Somity Ltd

Mr. Nittya Adhikary is a renowned person in co-operative (samabaya) sector in Bangladesh. He stared his co-operative (samabaya) carrier as a Founder & CEO in 1996 while Baridhara Mohila Samabaya Samity ltd is established. Mr. Adhikary was engaged with him in the development process with co-operative (samabaya) sector product design, and all kinds of related activities. He also worked is an executive members with many others co-operative (samabaya) samity for a long time.

Mr. Adhikary is a very good organizer in co-operative (samabaya) sector in Bangladesh.

He is a financial analyst, good planner, and accounts expert and co-operative (samabaya) programmer more than 24 years experience person in the development of co-operative (samabaya) sector.

He worked as a executive members of 4 co-operative (samabaya) samity ltd in various position. Now service as a Founder & CEO in Baridhara Mohila Samabaya Samity Ltd. Baridhara Mohila Samabaya Samity Ltd is a largest women co-operative (samity) not only Bangladesh also south Asia.

Mr. Adhikary is also a co-operative (samabaya) trainer of World Vision Bangladesh.  He obtained various training both home and aboard. Mr. Nittya plays an important role of samabaya development and as a member of various core-committee and sub-committee. Mr. Nittya traveled various countries to join co-operative seminar and training sessions. Mr. Adhikary achieves Gold Medal from the government and social organization for his great contribution of co-operative (samabaya) sector such as:

Organizational Achievements:

Best co-operative of Bangladesh, 2003&2009 from the government.

Personal Achievements:

The institute was internationally recognition awarded on Have Lessfrom Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) in 2010.

On June 52011, the manager, Mr. Nittya Adhikari, won the Mother Teresa Gold Medal for Best Cooperative from the Human Rights Environment and Journalist Society (MAPSAS).

Baridhara Women’s Cooperative Society Ltd. received the International Cooperative Award in recognition of her good work at the 40th Credit Union Forum Meeting “Akur” from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 23 September 2011.

On 23 October 2011, Manager Mr. Nittya Adhikari won the Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal for

Best Cooperative from the Human Rights Environment and Journalists Society (MAPSAS).