History of Baridhara

Baridhara Mohila Somobay Somity Ltd

Reg: No. 219/98

Nurerchala, Vatara, Dhaka-1212.

Introduction: In April 1979, World Vision of Bangladesh, an international organization, started its activities in the region.

 Their main activities were:

  1. Poverty alleviation.
  2. Improving the quality of education.
  3. Primary health care.
  4. Providing scholarships to meritorious students.
  5. Adult education and
  6. Improving the quality of life.

From October 1990, adult education activities were started in different areas along with various activities and a group of up to 20 women was

organized in one area. The total number of groups was 20 and the number of students was 400. The concept of co-operative society along with adult education and the socio-economic development of our country was mentioned.The journey of the co-operative society with 100 women or students in five groups starts from 50 (fifty)rupees per month to a total of 5,000 (five thousand) rupees. The areas of the teams were Nurerchala, hilbariTech,

Badda, Jagannathpur and FasterTech. Today, we gratefully remember those who have always encouraged and contributedto the formation of the association. In January 1994, all the parties were united and the number of members of theassociation increased to 526.. At that time, the rule of World Vision was that there could not be more than 20 women in a group. Therefore,the number of members in the savings groups was not taken. When it became known that the Baridhara Family Development Project would be phased out, the number of members in the savings group was gradually increased as there was no worldvision. Is registered. Registration number of the association is 219/98. At that time the number of members of the association was only 2.36.It is to be noted that when the World Vision of Bangladesh stopped all its activities on September 30, 1996, all theresponsibilities of the association were handed over to the Car Management Committee. The total capital at that momentwas only Rs. 75,00,000 / – (seventy five lakhs).World Vision of Bangladesh helped the association with some money at the time of its departure and with the help of some furniture and 6 sewing machines for women to run the office activities in a beautiful and efficient manner. From 1st November 1998, the savings scheme was launched anew in the association and with the association’s own rules and regulations.In 1996, the cooperative society started its activities in a new form by purchasing its own land and constructing a semi-finished building and has been providing other services to the members by launching other projects at different times. The association has not received any loan or financial assistance from any other institution or source.By collecting shares, savings and other deposits of the members of this association, it has been able to organize its own fund of around Rs. 300 crore at present and is engaged in carrying out other welfare and service works including providing huge amount of loans to the members.

Association Head Office:

Baridhara Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd. has its own 4 katha land at Dag No. 1160, Nurerchala, Bhatara Dhaka-1212, 3.50 katha of land has been purchased for the Samiti this year. At present, office work is going on in the 6-storey building of the association on 4 floors. The building has been constructed with the own capital of the association.

Aims and Objectives of the Association:

The members of the association are frugal, thrifty, have a good relationship with each other, cooperate and trust each other, build self-reliance, support the family financially after the death of the member, stop child marriage, stop dowry, 5 lakh through debt security scheme. Waiver of money, creation of flat project for members, old age home project, encouragement of higher education of members’ children, The main objectives and objectives of the association are to take up projects for residential solutions, to create productive and future employment / to create funds for disbursement of loans among the members and to improve the socio-economic conditions in general. With the aim of implementing these objectives, the management committee and various sub-committees of Baridhara Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd. are working together in a dynamic manner.

Amount of assets and assets of the association:

Today, the members of the association have accumulated a handful of rice and till May 30, 2019, the amount of assets and assets of the association stood at around Tk. 4 crore.

Future plans of the association:

To increase the assets and assets of our association to Tk. 600 crore by 2020, to increase the employment to 200 employees, to increase the work efficiency. Construction of six-storey building on the purchased land of the old age home, rehabilitation of helpless and widowed women there and management with the income of the association.

Current activities of the association:

In the present society 12 projects or activities are being conducted such as: 1. Savings project 2. Credit Scheme 3. Posthumous service project 4. Baridhara Women’s Special Deposit Scheme (BMSD Project) Special (Mortgage) Loan Scheme 6. FDR Project 6. Housing project 6. Primary health care and diabetic measure 9. Double or double deposit scheme 10. Debt Security Scheme (LPS) Education project 12. Share security scheme and 13 lakhpati scheme

Association success:

On 1 November 2003, Baridhara Mahila Samabaya Samiti Ltd. was nominated as the best cooperative society nationally and received a gold medal from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The President Mrs. Golap Banu was nominated nationally as the best co-operative in 2005.

On the occasion of National Cooperative Day in November 2010, Dhaka District Cooperative Office published a cooperative magazine. Where Baridhara Women’s Cooperative Society Ltd. is expressed as a “successful society”.

On June 5, 2011, the manager, Mr. Nitya Adhikari, won the Mother Teresa Gold Medal for Best Cooperative from the Human Rights Environment and Journalist Society (MAPSAS).

Baridhara Women’s Cooperative Society Ltd. received the International Cooperative Award in recognition of her good work at the 40th Credit Union Forum Meeting “Akur” from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 23 September 2011.

On 23 October 2011, Manager Mr. Nitya Adhikari won the Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal for Best Cooperative from the Human Rights Environment and Journalists Society (MAPSAS).

On 19 November 2011, Baridhara Women’s Cooperative Society Ltd. was nominated as the best cooperative society nationally and received a gold medal from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

On 19 November 2011, Golap Banu, President of Baridhara Women’s Cooperative Society Ltd., was nominated as the best co-operative nationally and received a gold medal from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

On 9th December 2014, the President Mrs. Golabanu received the “Begum Rokeya Medal” from the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina.

On 19th December 2014, the manager Mr. Nitya Adhikari received the “Human Rights Gold Medal” for his outstanding contribution to cooperatives and social service.

Future plans:

1. To solve the housing problem permanently by purchasing land for more housing projects.

2. Expansion of service centers to provide more services to the members.

3. Introduced low cost English education courses.

4. Introduce medical health services on a large scale.

5. Spreading education among the poor.

6. Build community centers for members.

7. Increase the source of income of the members through cottage industry.

8. Introducing old age allowance among the members.

9. To be involved in environmental and developmental activities of the area.

10. Cooperative market.

11. The nursing home is for the elderly only.

12. To increase the own capital of the association to Tk 600-700 crore by 2020.

13. To purchase flats in 4 areas and distribute flats among the office and members.

14. Providing services to members through ambulance purchase

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